Very fast, loud stutter yelps and clucks much like the beginning of a cackle, but not going all the way through a cackle. Cutting often means "If you're looking for a date, I'm the lady who can satisfy."
   To learn more about turkey hunting, you can order three turkey-hunting books by John E. Phillips by clicking on "Books" on Night Hawk's Homepage, or call (800) 627-4295 to receive a brochure.
   EDITOR'S NOTE: I've compiled a turkey-hunter's dictionary for this week to enable you to communicate your turkey-hunting experience to other sportsmen and understand what they're telling you. Today, we'll look at turkey-hunting words beginning with Ds- Is. You'll want to print out the entire "Turkey Hunter's Dictionary" this week to keep and to help you talk turkey this spring.
   A pack of free-ranging dogs came in and busted up a flock of turkeys. The gobbler had begun displaying and moving closer to me before the dogs attacked. After the birds went skyward, I used a hawk call to try to get a shock gobble. Moving closer to the gobbler, I found him hung-up. I stayed with that turkey all day long but never could get a shot at him. That tom messed up my mind that I realize I'm totally infected with turkey hunting. Read on to understand what I've said.

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